Based in Vienna (Austria), Michael MITCH Dörfler is a producer and sounddesigner, working with artists in various genres from electronic music to hip hop, jazz and pop. Mitch produced and mixed gold and platinum selling records, some of them receiving awards, including the german „Echo“- and the austrian „Amadeus“-award.

His work as filmmusic composer and as musical sounddesigner for viennas big theaters (burgtheater, akademietheater) sparked his interest for composing soundsculptures and ambient music. Following his love for that genre, he released his first ambient album „Ambient White“ in late 2015.

about the work on „Ambient White“:

„The challenge was to translate the ambivalence of high hopes and growing despair, of beautiful winter landscapes and the deadly cold into musical ideas. Although only a few minutes of music were needed for the film, I was fascinated by the work and my mind couldn´t let go of these sceneries. So I kept on working on that music even after the film was finished and ended up with more than one hour of material. After a process of reworking and finetuning all of the tracks I had the difficult task of compiling everything down to fourty minutes of music, so it would fit on the two sides of a vinyl record."

about ambient music:

„ When you try to pause music, it turns into silence. When you do the same with film, you can still see an image, a freeze frame. I think ambient music is, what comes closest to a musical freeze frame. Imagine you could step into a scene in a film. The main characters are not there but everything else is alive. Now you can choose to wander around the scenery and take a closer look at all the little details and watch things evolve over time. Or you can just be there and perceive the scenery on a subliminal level and focus on something else. That´s how I feel when I listen to ambient music.“

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